Combat Muscle Fatigue With Our Camino Cream!

Muscle fatigue can affect everyone, when you begin exercising your muscles may feel strong and resilient, but over time and repeated movements your muscles may begin to feel weakened. This is referred to as muscle fatigue.

While exercise of any type can cause this, such as weights, cardio, even a good walk, this can be a symptom of other health conditions also!

Muscle Fatigue Symptoms

Muscle fatigue can occur anywhere on the body. An initial symptom of muscle fatigue is muscle weakness However, other symptoms may include;


Localised pain

Shortness of breath

Muscle twitching


A weakened grip

Muscle cramps

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If you notice daily tasks are becoming a bit of a struggle or your symptoms worsen, be sure to seek medical attention!

Is there a solution for muscle fatigue?

Of course and its completely natural! Our Camino Cream has been described as ‘Bliss in a jar’. Made from natural ingredients, such as Arnica Montana, Capsicum Fructescens Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus and more! This blend of botanical extracts and soothing essential oils ease muscle fatigue and stiffness when taking long hikes and more!

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