Health Benefits Of Sleep

Is there any better feeling than that refreshed feeling after a good night’s sleep? Not only does a good night’s sleep leave you feeling energised and ready for whatever the day may throw at you, but it can also benefit your overall health and wellbeing! Science has shown people who get less than 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night over a prolonged period of time are more likely to experience a variety of health issues in their lifetime. Our Stress and Sleep Support Formula can help you drift to sleep, reduce stress and catch up on some much needed Zs!

Although we know that sleep is important, many people fail to get the required amount of sleep each night. Daily stresses, being overworked and general overthinking can all be reasons why we do not get enough sleep, not to mention insomnia which affects many people nationwide.

We know that sleep can benefit your health, but what are the other benefits of a healthy sleep routine?

1.Heart Health

Lack of sleep has been linked to poor heart health and high blood pressure. These symptoms can cause strokes and heart problems. Lack of sleep has also been connected to high cholesterol.

2. Reduce Stress

When you body is deficient in sleep, it goes into a state of stress. This puts your body and senses on high alert, not only affecting your health and blood pressure, but also your overall mood.

3. Reduce Inflammation

The increase of stress hormones in your body that occur when you are sleep deprived can increase inflammation in your body. This impacts everybody, but has a significantly negative impact on those suffering from joint problems, such as Arthritis. (If you suffer from Arthritis, check out our Arthritis Relief Balm)

4.Memory Improvement

Although experts do not know why we sleep and dream, we know it is essential for memory consolidation. Your time in deep sleep is essential time for your brain to create memories and links. Basically, getting more sleep will help you process things much faster.

5.Sleeping May Help You Lose Weight

Generally those who get lest than 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night are more likely to be obese or have weight issues. Lack of sleep can cause an imbalance of hormones in your body which can affect your appetite. If you are hoping to lose or maintain weight, a healthy sleeping pattern is vital.

Sleep is an essential aspect of any healthy lifestyle for many reasons, this is why it is important to ensure you are getting over 6 to 7 hours per night. Our Sleep and Stress Support Formula can help you unwind and relax to ensure your quality of sleep improves instantly! To learn more, click here!