The Natural Science of Pain Relief

What is pain?

First and foremost pain is your body’s way of telling you that something needs fixing! If we didn’t experience pain we wouldn’t know that a change is necessary and we would continue to place strain on the part needing help and cause further damage.

This is why pain relief that involves taking pain medication to block the pain is not a long term solution. It may be helpful or necessary for immediate pain, but it should not become a means of simply masking pain so that you can go on as usual without addressing the underlying problem as, in the long term, this will just cause further injury.

There are different kinds of pain

Pain is essentially a communication sent by nerve pathways to the brain.

Acute pain is sudden and usually from a known cause and doesn’t last for a long time. It is generally the result of injury such as a sprain, tear or break, or from surgery or illness.

Chronic pain is where the pain is an ongoing symptom. It can come from muscle problems, disc problems, poor posture, nerve injury, arthritis, ongoing illnesses such as cancer or even vigorous exercise without proper warm up and cool down practises.

Why the Liveeka range works…

Liveeka addresses muscle and joint pain, injuries, inflammation and arthritic conditions giving pain relief but, unlike other products on the market, also promotes healing which is unique.

This is due to the blend of ingredients that work on two levels. The first level is to reduce inflammation and ease pain by using medicinal herbs with analgesic (pain-relieving) properties and anti-inflammatory properties. By creating the right blend, our range can penetrate under the muscle fibre to reduce inflammation and bruising.

The second level addresses repair of the damaged areas. For this we blend herbs that promote new cell growth and which stimulate white blood cells to travel to the affected area and process the congested blood and fluids, thus dispersing them from the injured areas.

The key to the effectiveness of the Liveeka range lies in the combination and the blend. Many of the medicinal herbs we use are known to provide relief in their own right but their properties become enhanced when blended with other herbs. Our blending process has found a unique way to combine these products to maximise their healing properties.

The skin is an excellent medium through which to transport the medicinal substances released by the herbal blends and the great part is that it works directly on the affected area which is much more effective and healthier to use than ingested medications, which have to pass through the digestive system before beginning to act.